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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Do I need to get a loan at one of your locations?
    • Applying for a loan with American Credit Services is very easy.   All we require is an open/active checking or savings account, a verifiable income, and a working phone number.
  • How will I know if my loan as been approved or not?
    • When you apply for a loan in our store we will let you know within minutes if you have been approved or not.
  • When will my loan be due?
    • We will always do our very best to ensure that your loan due dates fall on, or right around your pay-dates. 
  • Can I pay off my loan early?
    • We encourage our customers to pay their loans off early when possible.  There are no penalties or extra fees if you pay your loan off early.
  • What if I cannot pay my loan off when my due date comes?
    • American Credit Services has friendly customer service representatives that are available to help work out a payment arrangement that will work for you.  We always practice a very professional, fair collection method and will never make you feel uncomfortable when working out a repayment plan. 
  • How much does a loan cost?
    • Please see our individual loan pages under our services tab for more information regarding our payday and installment loans.
  • How do I pay my loan off?
    •  American Credit Services offers many different payment options so you can make the best decision on how you want to repay your loan.  We accept cash, money order, cashiers check, credit cards and electronic withdrawal from your bank account otherwise known as an ACH.
  • What types of Services does American Credit Services Offer?
    • American Credit Services offers Installment Loans.
  • If my bank returns a payment.... Am I charged a fee?
    • In the event that something unexpected comes up and your electronic withdrawal, or check, comes back returned unpaid, American Credit Services will charge a insufficient funds fee in the amount of $25.00 plus fees.
  • If I decide that I don't want to my loan after taking it out, can I cancel it?
    • We will allow you to cancel your loan with us as long as you visit the branch, and pay us back the amount you borrowed within 24 hours of taking out your loan.  After 24 hours has elapsed, you will be responsible for paying the amount you borrowed plus any fees that accrued on your account.
  • How do I get a hold of someone in your company to ask a question that is not listed here?
    • You may call any of our branch offices during our normal business hours to ask any question that you may have..